For John

Initial Studies for John

Hi John,

Below the three-piece mock up is the new study of Sackett using the view toward the front of the building from the lower part of the quad that we looked at together last month.

I chose this off center approach to the building to create more visual interest and to avoid having the trees, a couple of young Maples, end up like goal posts in the composition. It puts the front door at roughly the one-third point of the composition and it creates a nice "flow" within the group of three pieces because the eye naturally moves to the right, into the Nittany Lion. I sprinkled a few people into this composition, which I'll also do with the painting of Old Main. Between the fall trees and the people, there will be some nice touches of color. Finally, I omitted the top tier of the building since it's out of character with the rest of the architecture, and this will allow me to keep some blue sky in the top of the composition, between the tree canopies.

Let me know what you think. My next step will be to create the small color study paintings for you by Thanksgiving so that you can see these compositions in color. We can then make any edits as needed before I paint the final, full size works.


Mock Up: Here's the grouping with the new study of Sackett on the left.




Sackett, new study, horizontal. Click image to enlarge.



Sackett, vertical



Sackett, horizontal



Sackett, vertical



Nittany Lion, horizontal. Click image to enlarge.



Nittany Lion, vertical. Click image to enlarge.



Old Main, horizontal



Old Main, vertical



Pattee, horizontal



Pattee, vertical


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