About the Artwork

About the Artwork

All Sarah Pollock Studio originals are either soft pastel drawings or oil paintings.

About the Oil Paintings

All Sarah Pollock Studio oil paintings are created with professional artist quality paints for rich color. Sarah works on a variety of surfaces, including canvas, linen, panel, and paper. Please check the accompanying description of each artwork on this web site to determine which surface was used. If you have any questions, please contact Sarah.

About the Soft Pastel Drawings

Soft pastel is a dry medium made with the same ground pigments that are used in all fine art paints. These pigments are mixed with a gum binder and then rolled into sticks to dry. Unlike chalk, which contains dulling limestone, a complete range of soft pastels are available for the artist to use, from the darkest dark to the lightest light. Soft pastels offer a range of vibrant colors and a degree of light reflectivity unlike any other painting medium.

An artwork is created by applying the stick of pastel across an abrasive ground and embedding the color into the "tooth" of the paper, canvas, etc. If the ground is completely covered with pastel, then the work is considered a pastel painting; a work with much of the ground left exposed is termed a pastel sketch or drawing.

Soft pastel has been used since the 16th century. Degas, Monet, Cassatt, Whistler, Chardin, and Carriera are some of the more famous and familiar names of those who have painted with pastel over the years. Their works can be seen in museum collections today with much of the same brilliance as when they were first painted.

For more information about the medium and advice about the care and maintenance of pastel artwork, please visit the Pastel Society of America web site.


All Sarah Pollock Studio pastel originals are signed by the artist and framed under Tru Vue's Museum glass, a UV-protective, low glare glass that is the highest quality glazing available for original artwork. A small spacer is included between the glass and the artwork.

All Sarah Pollock Studio oil paintings are framed in wood frames, no glass unless it is a work on paper.

All works are framed in a contemporary style, without matting, and finished with acid free backing and D-ring hooks.

Detail, Framed

Detail of framed original pastel, signed by Sarah Pollock.


Detail, back of framed work

Back detail of framed artwork. All Sarah Pollock Studio originals are finished with D-ring hooks and acid-free materials.

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